Review: Angel Diary
Angel Diary Review Image


Other Names:
Destination Heaven Chronicles
Action, Comedy, Gender-Switch
Manga (Manhwa)

Adapted From: Demon Diary

There has been wars between heaven and hell for about as long as anyone can remember, however all this is about to come to an end. A peace treaty has been devised, but as part of the treaty the Princess of Heaven must marry the King of Hell, but there are people who believe this isn’t fair, the princess included. One night the princess was found to have escaped leaving a note saying she did not want to go through with the engagement. Three years have passed and the story begins to follow the human boy Dong-Young, a rather unintelligent boy who is popular partially because of his friendship with another boy called Bi-Whul-Jin which is often mistaken for that of a loving relationship between two boys. Ah Hin and Lee Jyung are his friends, each popular for their beauty. However, things are not as they seem, Ah Hin and Lee Jyung are members of Heavens 4 guardians who have been charged with the task of finding the princess, and Dong-Young is actually the Princess. Ah Hin as a friend of the princess sympathizes with her disagreement with the arranged marriage, and Lee Jyung who would do anything for his sister (sister complex) have decided to guard the princess instead of return her. However things are changing on earth, the underworld seems to be making their move and Demons who are associated with neither side seem to be taking an interest in finding the princess. A Love comedy is bound to ensue as the other guardians appear and people find out Dong-Young is actually a girl. Will she manage to stay on earth? Will her mind change? Who on earth is Bi-Whul-Jin? And what connection does he have to what’s going on?

This story is a romantic comedy story which leads onto a few side stories on the last few chapters (about childhoods, etc.) This a must read manhwa with something for most genre’s of manga. The unintelligent Heaven Nobility and the family problems of the underworld blend to make this a comical yet dramatic storyline with fight scenes and misunderstandings throughout.

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