Review: Demon Diary
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Other Names:
Diary of a Demon King, Mawang Il-gi
Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
Manga (Manhwa)

Adaptation: Angel Diary

Raenef is a young teenage boy who has recently been told he is a Demon Lord, we begin with Eclipse, his self appointed mentor and servant, trying to teach Raenef how to be a Demon Lord, a feature which recurrs throughout the story of Demon Diary. However Raenef is not your typical Demon Lord, although he possess' the power of a Demon Lord, he does not possess the cruelty, commanding presence or dignity of his station, a problem which is often a subject of embarassment and frustration to Eclipse who is a well known Demon who any Demon Lord would beg to become his servant.
As the story progresses, Raenef ends up befriending a swordsmaster woman and a cleric called Chris, both are around Raenef's age and talk about how they will slay the Demon Lord, but are always confused by his nice demeanor as they are forced to live with him.

Review: Demon Diary is a preceeding manhwa to the more popular series Angel Diary. Like Angel Diary, Demon Diary deals with a comical take on the differences between Demons and Creatures of Heaven, focusing around a somewhat oblivious and idiotic lead.
Although Demon Diary preceeds Angel Diary, the stories are in no way connected, however it is noticeable that Raenef looks exactly like Ee-Jung (the Red Phoenix) from Angel Diary.

As a series, Demon Diary is rather fast paced, it is noticeable that this is an earlier work to Angel Diary as the story is not as indepth. Many plot lines are created with the possibility for extending these into interesting stories, but the mangaka seems to get confused at times and ends the plots prematurely. As an individual series I feel this Manhwa was lacking in many areas, and the ending could have done with a more fulfilling set of events.
I would have liked to have seen the future return of Raenef's self appointed bride as a future telling like at the end of Angel Diary, however it feels the mangaka forgot about the character later on.

As a test work this was a good manhwa to get the mangaka started and it is an interesting read, however as with many test pieces, the series ends up being subpar in terms of feel.

Guidance: This is a manhwa suitable for children of all ages as it does not deal with any particular adult content. However, due to the fact that many people are killed by demonic powers with visible blood, I would not recommend this series for very young children.

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