Review: Red Lion
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Other Names:
She Who Is Like A Lion
Action, Comedy, School
Manga (Manhwa)

Kim, Bada-Hanul, Fresh Like The Morning Mist, Eisul. Eisul is a very tomboyish girl who has just transferred to a new school mid-semester and the first thing which catches her classmates attention is the length of her name. At first Eisul appears to be a rather outspoken fool, and even the class gang seems to feel she isn't worth the time to bully, but they soon learn that Eisul is not the plane boring idiot she first appeared to be, but is in fact an amazing fighter, not just any fighter, but the fabled Red Lion who united all the schools in the area as the overall gang leader and most powerful student there is. Promising her mother that she would begin to act like a normal girl and not cause any trouble, she had been trying to hide her identity from her new classmates, but some things can not be left hidden no matter how much we try, and Eisul can not keep her overly violent sense of justice under wraps for much longer. As the others come to know who she is, she soon finds herself to have many suitors after her as to be their girlfriend, which combined with everything else that is going on, leads to her having a fun yet very annoying new life.

As with many Korean Manhwa, Red Lion has a strong sense of violence throughout. Though Eisul is portrayed through-out as being a stupid fighter, we often get the impression that Eisul is actually quite intelligent, though this is masked from others by her quick temper. With suitors ranging from pretty boys to a rich idiot who wont leave her alone, this series gives a rather comical view on this somewhat messed up romantic action story.

I feel this manhwa is a good story for anyone who wants a good action story and does not mind a bit of romantic comedy. The style is somewhat old fashioned as well as the facial expressions and I wouldn't say this was the greatest manhwa I have read, but this is a good story to help you get into manhwa if you're a fan of the action genre.

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