Review: The Friendly Winter
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Other Names:
Drama, Psychological, Slice-of-Life
Manga (Manhwa)

This manga revolves around a girl named Da-Jeong. She is 19 years old and longs to be a normal girl. But what's so different about her? In-fact, due to a defect from when she was little her body has not matured since the age of about 7 and thus she is often mistaken for a child. Now an adult she has become incredibly prickly and is quick to anger, it was on one such occasion after she ran away after getting angry with her father while clothes shopping, that she met with Min-Seong. Da-Jeongs meeting with Min-Seong is one of mere coincidence but almost seemed pre-destined, whereas she is an adult whose body never grows older, Min-Seong is a 17 year old boy whose mind is that of a 7 year old. A touching story is about to unravel as they both become good friends and protect each other as their emotions go up and down.

This is a wonderful story which deals well with the issue of handicapped people as well as accurately portraying the strong feelings of abandonment and sorrow they both share. This is a very depressing read with many sweet outcomes. As a first project by Lee Jun, this manga signals a great start to his career in the business. Though generally I am not a fan of webcomics, my preference being mostly for those setup in a standard format, I found this story had me hooked from beginning to end. This is a great read for anyone who likes stories of a dark emotional nature and it also deals with the matters of mental and physical disability without providing any areas of insult to them both.

Though this may seem long at 5 Volumes and 64 Chapters, the added length of this webcomic seems completely necessary having almost doubled from the authors original intention. Unlike most extended manhwa / manga, this series does not feel stretched and the ending will leave you thirsting more like all good manga should whilst also providing that sense of completion at the end of a story. I recommend this read to anyone and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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