Review: Tenshi Nanka Jai Nai
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Other Names:
I Am Not An Angel, 天ない
Comedy, Romance, School
Manga (Manga)

Midori is a normal highschool girl in her first year. With her cute personality and friendly disposition, she has come to be called "Angel Midori" by her classmates. After returning from summer break a little later than others due to illness, she finds herself returning on the very day that the new potential student council members are to address the school and state their candidacy. Not only that, she has been selected to represent her class and finds herself without a speech and no preparation infront of the rest of the school. After a mishap where she falls at the end of the speech leaving her underwear on show to the rest of the school, she is saved by the soon to be student council president Akira while she runs out of the hall in embarassment.

Midori is elected as Vice-President, a position she truly enjoys as it means she can be closer to Akira with whom she had fallen in love at first site, before the election. Her artistic flair and tendancy to turn bad things into good, serves to help Akira to overcome his past and they quickly draw together. But many stumbling blocks await them as they help to build the foundations of the new schools activites, creating events which will then be annual, whilst dealling with the daily life which puts stress on their relationship.

This manga is an interesting take on the old story of first love and a guy who is somewhat opposite of a hero. The messed up past of Akira and the other student council members, serves quite well as it adds many interesting twists to the story which will keep the reader entertained throughout.
Though this manga is partially comical, the main focus is on how relationships develop and the many trials that face you when you try to keep the relationship going. Whether it be the guys love of another woman, or his seemingly lack of interest in yourself. The different relationships in this series give a rather thought out and ever twisting story for its viewers.

Due to the publishing time, it is probably not surprising that this manga has a very old fashioned feel in its artwork, but with romance stories such as this, such things only serve to add to the stoies overall image.
The only real downside to this story is how some of the scenes seem somewhat corny or in some case they feel a little bit more dragged out than they could have been, whilst others felt a little rushed, for example the story of Masashi towards the end.

This is a typical story of a cute and emotional girl, and her first time love which has more stumbling blocks than she can take, often resulting in her crying. Though this is an old storyline which is rather typical of a series published in Ribbon, this story does have many unique features which will keep you looking for more.

My recomendation is that this is a great series for children of all ages, though for very young children some discretion is advised. This story would probably not appeal to younger children as it mostly focuses on romance which many children will not find interesting. If you are looking for an action packed story, then this manga is not for you for it features no violence or adventure of any sort. If you like love stories, and want something to make you feel good, then this is a must read.

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