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Other Names:
Kakumei no Hi
Comedy, Harem, Gender-Switch
Manga (Manga)

Our story begins with a young boy named Kei during his 1st year of highschool. He is a rather effeminate boy who spends his days smoking on the roof with his friends whilst skipping class. However, his world is about to be turned upside down when on a typical school day, he colapses on the roof and is rushed to hospital. After tests, the doctors concluded that Kei was actually a haemaphrodite and that he was actually genetically female although he had lived his whole life until now as a guy. Drama ensues in his household as their rather disfunctional family finally come to terms with each other because of this situation, and Kei decides that rather than living the rest of his life as an incomplete male, he would take the surgery and become a complete male.
Kei, now named Megumi now has to begin school again the year below, and not only that, he must attend the same school only a year below his former delinquent friends. Can Megumi keep the secret? Can she come to terms with her womanhood? And what will she do now she has so many suitors wanting to be her husband?

The Day of Revolution along with Family Complex, are both prequal manga to the famous and popular series "Princess Princess." Where as Family Complex tells the story of Akira Sakamoto. Day of Revolution centres around one of the more talked about but almost never seen characters of Princess Princess, Mikoto's girlfriend. Though this story flows with a somewhat corny feel for the first couple of chapters, probably due to Tsuda Mikiyo's struggle to understand the situation from the perspective of Megumi. This story quickly picks up after Megumi returns to the school.
This manga is definitely a must read for anyone who likes Princess Princess, as it will help you to understand the scene during the cultural festival in the manga.

Though this story is a somewhat comical take on an all too real situation, the Day of Revolution is a good story as well as a good educational piece for young and questioning children. I would advise that due to the difficult content and some bad language, that readers should show some discretion when showing this to younger audiences.

The Day of Revolution was the first manga series I ever read, and it will always have a place in my heart. I will recomend this not only from my own sentiment, but as a good read for all, especially those partial to the gender-switch category of manga.

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