Review: Youkai Gakuenki
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Other Names:
The Monster School Chronicles
Comedy, Kids, School
Manga (Manga)

Kugumi Yuu is a small, cute little girl who often changes schools. She always wears large flowers in her hair and her highlight of her day is when she visits her cousin Non-chan in the park nearby. However, this time Yuu has been told that she will be changing school for the last time, and she eagerly enters her new school ready to make friends. As she arrives she notices that all the children seem to be in fancy dress, almost like Halloween, she believed that this was some sort of festival...that is...until the teacher points out that she is in a school for Youkai. Initially frightened, Yuu runs out of the classroom only to run into a beautiful boy prompting her to turn around and begin her life in this new school. It soon comes to light that Yuu is not only a gullible girl, but because her mother thought it was funny, she had even hidden from Yuu the fact that she was actually an Oni, using the flowers on her head to cover her horns. This revelation only sinks into her head, when she is introduced to the Oni in the class next door, who is in-fact her cousin Non-chan. As life continues in the school, many hilarious scenes, often at Yuu's expense playing on her gullibility and usually instigated by her cousin Non-chan, are soon to follow.

This series is actually a very cute adaptation of an old monster comedy setting. Though the idea of a gullible character is often subject to over use and jokes that become stale, Youkai Gakuenki has enough different characters, that the story does not loose its appeal throughout the whole volume.
Aimed primarily at children by its cute childish characters, Youkai Gakuenki is a great story to read both on your own or as a family. I would definitely recommend this to people with young children and are trying to get them started on the long glorious road of reading.

This series only major drawback is its lack of conclusion and habit to make a joke only last a few short pages. Though near the end a story does begin to develop, there is no real big scenes and the plot-line finishes almost as quickly as it begins.

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