Review: Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep
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Comedy, Slice-of-Life, Yuri
Manga (Manga)

A seemingly ordinary day, and a somewhat ordinary visit to the doctors for a fractured finger. Kakimoto Imari is a tomboyish woman who works with an all male internal decorating team. However, she is obsessed with horoscopes and today's horoscope stated that today she would have a meeting of a life time. But even Imari didn't realize how unlikely this meeting was going to be. While waiting in the Hospital waiting room, the nurse calls her name ready for her treatment, and she is surprised to find she is not the only one who replies. A girl, small cute and seemingly opposite to Imari in every way was now stood in answer right behind her. On inspection they find that not only do they share the same name, but the same injury, the same year of birth and almost exactly the same day, except for little Imari being born 1 day before. This is how these two met and how they grew together as they ran into each other at the hospital each day.

Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep is a comical manga with a somewhat dark back story to both main characters. We initially follow the story from the perspective of Big Imari, but as we begin to delve into Big Imari's problems, the focus then shifts to the perspective of Little Imari as she tries to learn more about the girl who shares her name. Though this manga is short, it is a pretty sweet feel good manga which deals with a couple of rather serious issues which are often seen in modern society. Though the story leaves some room for improvement and has a rather cliché twist to Big Imari's story, I think this is a good series which can be enjoyed by all Yuri lovers, especially as a filler between longer series.

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