Review: Beet the Vandel Buster
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Other Names:
Adventure king Beet/ Bouken Ou Beet
Action, Comedy, Magic
Manga (Manga)

Set in an almost Historical alternate universe, the story follows the young boy Beet and his friend Poala as they set out on a quest to change everything.

In a world where many places are unsafe to travel through and many people live every day in fear of the monsters that seem to inhabit all areas of the globe, some strangely powerful people called 'busters' step forwards to fight back against the 'Vandels', the high level demons in charge of the monsters. These people harness a special power known as 'Tengeki' with the strongest being able to call out their souls in the form of a weapon, or 'saiga', and it is Beet’s dream to become the strongest one of all. Still, there are several amusing failures along the way as he fails over and over to learn the special brand of magic that he Busters use, though he seems to be able to call out the final form of the weapons just fine, much to the irritation of his traveling companion. Also, with their journeys, they meet many new people and save villages in need, adding to the power of the team as they go… until they run into the problem of a certain high level Buster named Milfa who just so happens to have orders to arrest the newest member of their team.

The manga, and subsequently the anime, are entrancing and amusing all at the same time, coupling thrilling fight scenes with strong shows of friendship and just plain ignorance of some of the characters. Despite what the drawing style may suggest about the intended audience being young boys, it is actually a good story for anyone wanting a short read, and the plot actually flows really well for it being an action based story.

However, there is the major problem of the really inconclusive ending as it just seems to stop half way through, though that may be from how hard it can be to find the ending chapters or episodes, and because of this, the whole story can be ruined. Still, despite the unsatisfactory conclusion, it is still a good story, especially for those new to the anime scene.

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