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School, Gender-Switch, Music
Manga (Manga)

Everyone at some point dreams about being an idol, but Sara never expected her little daydream to become a reality... rather an oversight if you consider the fact that her parents own a record company, but, after one wishful thought, the singer ‘Sala’ was born. Now, the 15 year old student is forced to live almost a double life to preserve the mystery behind her new identity’s gender even as the boy she likes falls for both of them, though how do you overcome a love triangle with only yourself as competition?

In this manga, you follow Sara through her blossoming new relationship and her rising career interspersed with scenes of her lessons in the speciality entertainer school she attends. Along with her family and friends (an aspiring Mangaka and an Enka singer at the start of his career) she lives an almost normal life, though the extent to which she attempts to conceal her identity is both amusing and cringe worthy at the same time throughout.

The manga itself is definitely a comedy with strange comments throughout that often catch you off guard with their placement. That and the eventual happy ending despite the tension makes ‘Charisma Doll’ a good read for anyone between series and looking for a short story to enjoy, though you have to be prepared for more than a little absurdity and intense characters throughout.

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