Review: Ai no Shintairiku
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Other Names:
Brave New World of Love
Comedy, Gender-Switch, Romance
Manga (Manga)

It is the first day of her new school and Sara Nikotama is all pumped up and ready to get to know her new classmates, however Sara is not as first appearance would have you believe and her school friends are soon in for a big shock as after her introduction, the teacher announces to the students that Sara is actually a boy. An rather odd school life is about to begin as her classmates try to come to terms with the fact that Sara is indeed a boy, as Sara soldiers on to get her classmates to accept her as a girl regardless of her mothers wishes.

This story is a somewhat comical take on the idea of crossdressing as Sara is a vain character intent to push her feminine personna and feminine appearance to its max, all the while causing confusing for her classmates and all those who meet her.
Though the initial premise of this story makes for an interesting plotline, I must admit that I found this manga somewhat disappointing. Rather than a story supporting the idea of being who you want to be, this manga seems to spend more time trying to enforce the belief that what Sara is doing is wrong and should be laughed at. Though the mangaka does turn this around towards the end of the story showing Sara to have finally gained acceptance and is intent with living her life from there on. The fast flowing scenes with not only corny and third-rate jokes, but much humour which could could only be considered crude and weak.

Though this manga lacks in quality, it does begin to gain interest as the story goes on and I would recommend this story to anyone who is interested in a short joke manga just to pass the time between series.

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