Review: Sadomi
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Other Names:
Sadistic girl Sadomi
Comedy, School, Psychological
Manga (Manga)

When I was first introduced to this manga, I was a little apprehensive, but all it took was a few pages and I was hooked. This series is a sheer crack story that doesn't seem to have a set plot until you get into the later chapters and is only a few one or two shots of this very… special school.

The main character (Sadomi) and her friends seem to live out their school life in a strange, yet hilarious way with many side characters such as Heromi, the girl who is apparently suffering from every type of illness possible, getting their own shot at the spotlight.

Overall, this manga is short, but all the way through it is full of the most unpredictably insane stunts that ensure that you will be struggling to breathe by the end of the first few chapters and I would greatly recommend it to anyone who just wants to laugh uncontrollably for about a good half hour.

However, this is not the sort of manga for if you are looking for any type of story to get into or if you don’t particularly enjoy mindless slapstick comedy. But, if you like a little nonsensical fun, then this is a story you will love.

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