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Probably the most realistic and sweet love story you will ever find in a manga. Our story follows the lives of Mari and Akko at their all girls school as they go through high-school. We begin with Mari and Akko taking a make-up test at school. Mari being one of the brightest girls in her class, is taking the make-up test due to absence in the original, whereas Akko, being one of the least academically gifted girls in the class is taking the make-up exam as always. This coincidence of events, finally gives Akko the chance to get to talk to Mari.
Mari is a rather shy and antisocial girl in school, however Akko's forceful nature allows her finally to make a friend, and she soon begins to open up whilst learning how to dress cutely. But when the subject begins to move towards the subject of love, Mari begins to realize that she is too possessive of her friend, unable to bare the thoughts of her dating and possibly leaving her behind. As the story goes on we find how they struggle coming to terms with their feelings and their relationship develops. Though this story takes a while to build up the relationship, you'll find that this flow is perfect for providing a realistic story that will keep you reading for hours and hours.

Finally a manga which goes about the lesbian relationship in a believable way. Though the series does seem to have a bit too much focus on stereotypical "Girly" things, it is still a wonderful read whether you're male or female. I have found myself reading this manga countless times and am a proud follower of many works by Morinaga Milk. Having read her other works, I feel like Girl Friends is the epitome of her works to date and this is well supported by its status as best-seller. This series was published by Seven Seas in the US as a two tankoubon. Though I was the first to comment on this manga before it was published on (as it was advertised for advanced buying), it appears my review got deleted when they finally published it. Oh well...needless to say, I feel that for anyone who likes Yuri and Romance and doesn't mind a bit of comedy and beauty talk, this series is great for you all. With varying character types, from the complete otaku Tamamin, to the flirty pretty girl Sugi-chan. This is a definite recommend and a good way to pass the hours either at work or at home. Discretion is advised for this series as I would definitely give this manga at-least a 13+ rating due to some later content.

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