Review: Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou
Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou Review Image


Other Names:
Daily Life With A Monster Girl, Everyday Monster Girls, Monster Girl No Iru Nichijou
Ecchi, Comedy, Harem
Manga (Manga)

Can I start off just saying I LOVE THIS MANGA! This manga is a hilarious and exciting manga. It has a lot of ecchi and starts off that way too but it's funniness made me forget i was reading ecchi. I do suggest reading this alone though. The main story is about a teenage male named Kurusu Kimihito who has to take care of a Lamia (Snake Girl) named Miia. As the story progresses he meets different female hybrids. He eventually must choose one of the many female hybrids he has meet to marry to show a bond has been made between the hybrids and humans. This leads to hybrid women to compete over him and gets him in hilarous situations. This is one anime that makes me laugh when I'm down. So if you ever need something to read to feel good and laugh then read this anime.

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