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About: Shiharu is an orphan girl who works at a daycare centre after school. Since her mother died when she was young, she has come to enjoy looking after the other children in the orphanage and aims to open her own daycare once she graduates from Highschool. One day a young television presenter whose twin neice and nephew attends Shiharu's daycare, invites her to work for him as a babysitter with a big boost in pay. After his brother ran away when his wife died leaving him to look after the two children alone, he has been at the end of his rope as he tries to balance his worklife and looking after the children. However the usually shy children seem to have grown attached to Shiharu and will actually do what she tells them to do. As the story progresses we get to see the children grow, but also Shiharu's slowly growing closeness and effection to their uncle.

Thoughts: Love so Life is a cute manga which shows the troubles of dealing with young children and how they develop as they grow older, it also deals quite well with Shiharu's feelings of loneliness without her mother, merging her memories with her current situation to help her understand and look after the children.
This series also focuses on the budding feelings of Shiharu and the twins uncle, as he tries to restrain himself because she is a highschool student and she slowly comes to terms with her feelings.
I felt this was a great series and would recommend this to anyone who wants a nice feelgood story.
It is quite a lengthy series which helps to portray the time it takes for the children to mature.

Guidance: I would class this as suitable for all ages, however the story may lack interest for younger children.

Author: Kouchi Kaede

Serialization: Hana to Yume

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