Review: Midori Days
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Other Names:
Midori no Hibi
Fantasy, Comedy,
Manga (Manga)

Seiji Sawamura is a kind of vigilante at his school; beating up bullies who prey on the weak. However, when your best known for your fighting and generally terrorizing the toughest guys at school, no one really wants to get that close to you. However, Sawamura has his fair share of secret admirers, and none more dedicated than Midori Kasugano from another school in town. Feeling he’s doomed to be forever on his own, Sawamura is to be proved wrong when he gets close to Midori – very close indeed. In fact, one day, he wakes up with her attached to his arm where his right hand should be. Midori, quite literally, has become Sawamura’s right hand man. Or right hand woman, at least.

This manga is weird. Manga has pretty wide scope for weirdness, but Midori Days is strange. I mean, aside from the fact there is a girl attached to her crush’s hand, that is. But, overall, it’s a good story for people just getting into the genre. It was one of the very first mangas I was ever bought: the humour definitely appeals and the story is gripping and funny. For a first manga, you could do far worse. For seasoned fans, the artwork may not be as impressive, but writer Kazurou Inoue is still responsible for my introduction to manga.

A shōnen fantasy, the plot is easy to follow. And, clearly there was appreciation for it, because an anime was adapted from it, spanning 13 episodes. Overall, I’d recommend it for a fun introduction into manga, but – having read a lot more since I first read it – I’m not sure I’d buy the second volume. It’s fun, and amusing, but the quality that makes me want to come back for more is somewhat lacking.

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