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We've all been in the position where we are staring out of the window in the middle of class, bored out of our minds, but what if, while we were doing this, we saw something that would change our lives for ever?

Yagami Raito was one of the top students in the country, and completely bored with life, but then he saw a slim, black note book fall from the sky. Upon retrieving it, he finds that it claims to be the note book of a shinigami, a 'death note' that, with the name and face of a victim, can be used to kill. At first, like any of us, Raito believes this to be a prank, but once the power of the book is confirmed, a dark plot of betrayal, manipulation and insanity begins to unfold. But who will win?

The plot to this Manga, and the later anime, focuses on the 'Kira task force' a department of the police created to track down and stop the elusive serial murderer known as Kira (a corruption of the word 'killer'). And from there we are privy to the deranged game of cat and mouse between two of the brightest minds in the world.

Although mostly dark, it is not an entirely heavy anime with a small focus on the formation of friendships and the in depth exploration of a relationship or two. Each character has their flaws and the seemingly random moments of light hearted, or sometimes cringe worthy, plot create short breaks from the tension making the story line all the more enjoyable.

Unlike many criminal/ detective animes, this story is not a clear cut 'this person is good, this person is evil' which I personally find more entertaining as the plot is less predictable with some plot twists (both major and minor) thrown in at vital points, keeping you on your toes.

Although some parts of the story are light hearted however, darker themes running throughout the series make this particular anime more suited for an audience of teen and upwards. Though for anyone looking for a medium/ long series with a more serious plot line, I would definitely suggest this anime as it has both an in depth analysis of the criminal mind/ motives, and a clear warning of how corrupting power can be.

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