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Log Horizon is light novel/manga/anime series, in this review I am talking about the Light Novel version of Log Horizon. Log Horizon is about Shiroe, and his friend Naotsugu who get stuck in an online MMORPG called "Elder Tales". Just to talk about the game "Elder Tales" a bit, how the game worked an functioned really interested me and got me immediately hooked to this book.

The game uses what the developers call "The Half Gaia System". This system adds literal real life locations into the game, so there's a bunch of different servers for different parts of the world depending on where you're from. So, because this game is based on the Japanese server, you can choose which town you want to start in. Most of the story revolves around the abandoned ruins of Akiba.

According to the book, the world has been reduced to rubble after a major war that happened and, classically, the gods supposedly magically came back to life somehow. This is the only real flaw I don't like about this book, for it keeps the cliche "the gods died and came back to life, so there's about 50 religious nuts in one town sticking their 'religious nuts' in your face about their god. This is pretty much what's going on in Log Horizon, except they don't really mention who the gods are, why you should care about them, how much bigger do you want this plot hole?

The characters are all fairly unique in their own perspective. Shiroe, is like a calm, cool headed, and intelligent type of character, while Naotsugu is one of those guys that you just wanna strap a leash on him so he doesn't go chasing after the smallest movement he saw in the bushes. The other flaw I had with this, is you can clearly see they were starting to run out of character ideas. Seriously, there were 2 girls you get introduced to in the 2 chapter; and both said girls have the exact same act and personality of Shiroe and Naotsugu.

What also really grinding my gears about the book is for the most part, they're getting their barrings. Which isn't bad considering what kind of a situation their in, but when I watched Sword Art Online, they pretty much were like, "Oh well, we're all going to die anyways, how about we go fight the first floor boss then complain about this problem on floor 39."

I don't know if it's just me, but Shiroe was probably my favourite character. Probably because I used to play a lot of MMORPGs at a young age like Shiroe, and as he said, "We both wear glasses so we're like family." He's also the only person who really uses his head other than a rack to hold his glasses and hat.

Personally, for one of the books I've read about MMOs, this book pretty much also hit the nail on the head to how to describe the game without making me run through the page atleast 5 times over again because I didn't understand what a "Guild" was. They dumb it down enough so you understand it, but not enough that you feel stupid. So, I really like that.

Overall, i really recommend these books if you specifically like MMOs, if you don't. Then I still recommend it.

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