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Other Names:
Karin, Chibi Vampire, Cheeky Vampire
Comedy, Romance, School
Manga (Manga)

Karin Maaka, a normal highschool girl at first glance, was born into a family of vampires and until she has fully awakened as a vampire she attends a human school, but Karin has a secret, a secret that noone outside her family must ever find out. Karin has already awakened as an adult vampire, and she is not like other vampires. She is completely fine with sunlight, she can not see in the dark and the biggest secret of all is that she does not suck blood, but is instead a vampire which produces blood???
Feeling she is a failure as a vampire, she is embarassed of what she is and when the new transfer student Usui Kenta finds out, she can't help but run away and hide whenever she sees him. But it's not just her embarassment which forces her to escape him, infact vampires have tastes in blood which ignite their hunger, and this boy seems to have the trait that attracts her causing her blood to multiply abnormally whenever she is around him.

A truly hillarious story with a romantic tone, Chibi Vampire brings a new light to the old vampire genre which is bound to amuse even the hardest of vampire fans whilst enticing a whole new audience as well.
A sweet love story and a mysterious plot, the perfect combination for any Shoujo manga. Chuck in a mixture of overflowing blood and meddlesome friends, and you get Chibi Vampire Karin. A somewhat strange mixture, yet somehow this comes together in a way that can be seen as nothing else but right.

Chibi Vampire since its initial released became an almost instant success and has thus become one of those classic manga that every otaku should read at some point. Karin follows two alternate storylines, one in the novel and one in the manga, which you often find crossing over as the author writes both series at the same time. This can be somewhat confusing at times when you have not read the other, but they can still be read seperately.
The Anime series by the same name follows the story of the special magazine story featuring the vampire hunter "Winner" who falls madly in love with Karin, however this never happens in the main manga.
Though the anime focuses more on the embarassing situations and inuendos. The manga has a heavy focus on the story and has a much more developed plotline which answers the question of why Karin produces blood more so than the anime.

Like many manga, there is the noticeable need to introduce new characters when the author is running out of ideas, the chief of these possibly being Karins grandmother, however the author incorporates these characters into the main story in such a way that it does not loose the overall feel of the main anime.

Possibly my favourite character in this series was Karin's little sister Anju Maaka, a prodigy of the vampire world, who seems to adore her older sister and does anything she can to make her happy whilst keeping a calm and aloof maner. Anju's personality perfectly compliments Karin's lead, and I can't help but feel that her presence is just as important as the main characters as without her, the story would not be so interesting as she is the character who holds the family together and keeps her sister out of trouble.

This series is a must read for any manga fan, and though it would be funny for children of all age, some discretion is advised to the number of adult references and the constant spraying of blood (without which this series wouldn't work).

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