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Comedy, Slice-of-Life, School
Anime (TV)

Recorder and Randsell is a 3 season anime featuring 3 minute episodes for the first 2 seasons, followed by 20 minute episodes for the last season. Owing to the success of the first two seasons, Recorder and Randsell was able to make a long series for the last season, however the art work features a slightly different drawing style for the characters from the first two series.

A somewhat comical piece, Recorder and Randsell follows the story of two siblings, the older sister Atsumi, and the younger brother Atsushi. The Miyagawa siblings are completely opposite, with the brother being in grade school but looking like a somewhat handsome adult man, and the older sister, a highschool student who looks like she should be in grade school. The story mostly follows the younger brother as he is often reported and taken away by the police when walking home with his girlfriend as people often mistake him for a pervert trying to kidnap children, however the series also follows from the sisters point of view with her classmate who seems obsessed with her younger brother having fallen in love with him at first sight and sees Atsumi as her younger sister.

This somewhat comical take on such a serious theme is a fun story that children of all ages can understand. However, discretion would be advised when showing this to children as minor sexual references feature throughout, whether it be the lustful imaginings of the women who fall for him, or the misunderstandings generated by the people passing by as he trys to explain himself.

Like most typical grade schoolers, Atsushi is oblivious to the world around him and does not understand why people keep arresting him, with his natural curiosity as a child or friendly gestures, he is often taken the wrong way and struggles to continue a somewhat normal life. In fact, other than his sister, the only ones in the series who seem to treat him like a normal school student is his classmates.

Atsumi is a lot more grown up and takes a somewhat motherly role in the series as she cooks dinner, makes sure he is dressed correctly and handles his interactions with his friends trying to prevent misunderstandings. As both parents work and thus are hardly at home, we only get to see the parents a couple times as we learn that the whole family are small and only Atsushi is a giant in the family. A somewhat hard to believe situation, but seems to add to the comical aspect.

This is a good series with Atsushi's Naivety often getting him into trouble while Sayo battles with herself on whether her love for him is real or if she should forget him because he is too young. A must watch series which I would definitely recommend for people who don't have much time and just want something to cheer them up between anime. But be warned, that some level of discretion is definitely advised for younger audiences.

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