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Other Names:
Action, Mecha, SciFi
Anime (TV)

Story: A sudden discovery of a mysterious alien technology named Aldnoah is discovered on the planet Mars, soon afterwards humans have migrated to Mars because of Aldnoah's capabilities and ables them to thrive. The humans who have migrated to Mars call themselves Martians, and now wish to conquer their home planet, Earth for their resources. The Martians waged war with their superior alien technology, however a Cease Fire was put up later on. Princess Asseylum, a royalty of the martian wishes to make peace with Earth, however she is assassinated upon her arrival, which resumes the War between Earth And Martians.

Characters and the Voices:
Inaho Kaizuka: Inaho is the poker faced, strong, silent type of character which drives the plot towards victory for the human side. He is seemingly intelligent real explanation at all.Voiced by Natsuki Hanae who is also Ken from Tokyo Ghoul, Hikari from Nagi no Asukara, Shinichi from Outbreak Company.
Slaine Troyard: A close friend of the Princess, he boldy believes that the princess is still alive and sets out to look for her. Her is loyal,courageous and faces many obstacles ahead of him. Voiced by Kensho Ono who is also Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basket, Souji from Bakumatsu Rock and Yuuya from Yugioh Arc V.

The music is composed by the heavenly Sawano Hiroyuki who has famous for his works in Guilty Crown,Kill la Kill and Shingeki no Kyojin.
His works are composed of Orchestra pieces that have electronic elements includes, some female singer with engrish added to sound cool, fancy epic choirs, guitar parts and did I mention orchestra tracks too?
Opening is preformed with beautiful vocals, done by a favorite of mine called Kalafina.
The ending is pretty iconic since you can hear it mixing into Sawano Hiroyuki's inclusion of orchestra, which is also a nice song.

The artwork is done by A-1 Pictures, who is notoriously known for works such as Ao No Exorcist,Anohana,Fairy Tail, Black Butler, Magi, Oreimo, Sword Art Online and upon many more works. If you seen any of those titles and noticed their quality, it's often nothing to complain about. The animation is smooth clean, with the slightly awkward CGI MechRobots being inserted into a 2D background, might be just me since I can be picky.

Final Comments:
Besides the anime having great artwork and musical scores, the other half falls flat. The story doesn't provide a reason why Inaho is a super genius (Is he known to be one? Is he enrolled in special classes? Does he have a high GPA?) and is more of the supporting character archetype since hes the strong,quiet one. On top of that, doesn't the World have smart tacticians/generals? It's like Inaho is the only smart one in the anime and the whole world is just muted out or portrayed as idiots and hes a teenager with barely any battle experience. Then there is Slaine, despite him being the one going through interesting stages, but near the end...oh boy. I purely enjoyed the show, pass the flaws I am about to mention, overall. I will be definitely following the Season 2 of Aldnoah.Zero, curious to see what will happen next!
This is where the spoiler comes in

At the end: Slaine pretty much shot Inaho for no reason, despite him pretty much fighting on the same relative side. Not to mention the silly,dramatic head movement when the princess and Inaho were shot, which hints me to the fact that they're not dead. Shooting someone in the head directly doesn't make that much movement for the head, especially from a pistol. Another flaw I found was that the princess is still alive during the show. Since the assassins are a part of the Orbital Nights, wouldn't they know that the Princess would have a double go in her place, and the Princess would reside somewhere else? They would've legibly killed the princess in the process too, and the fact that the Princess had a "sickness" sounds like it was shoved in to give an excuse that the princess is still alive, attempting to link the gap I am mentioning.

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