Review: Zankyou no Terror
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Other Names:
Terror in Tokyo
Psychological, Thriller, Mystery
Anime (TV)

Intro: When seeing the Psychological and Thriller Genre back-to-back in a single anime, my expectations skyrockets instantaneously because I normally expect myself to watch it with goosebumps arising and constant guessing with eyes glued to my radiant computer screen. And so, what I have here is Zankyou no Terror.

A mysterious duo comes into Tokyo,Japan with a bang(Literally) by planning a series of bombs being set up around the city. The only way to stop these bombs is to solve each riddle the mysterious duo releases on Youtube, if a bomb squad or any kind of intervention tries to remove the bomb, it will be detonated. The mysterious duo's name is Sphinx. As the series of bombs being spread out all over the city, paranoia and anxiety soon spreads...

Characters And The Voices:
Nine- aka Sphinx #1, he is a very intelligent teenager and has a calm personality who meticulously composes the riddles and makes bombs in which he plants throughout the city. Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa who is also Ledo from Susei no Gargantia, Harutora from Tokyo Ravens and Tsumugu from Nagi no Asukara.
Twelve- The best friend of Nine, he is more cheerful and often the action man who rides motorcycles and does the extreme stunts to escape and such. He is too, very intelligent. Voiced by Soma Saito , a relatively new voice actor who other well known role is Tatsumi from Akame no Kill
Shibazaki KenjirouM- A retired detective who is asked to come back, he is the main opposing force of the Sphinx Duo, solving riddles and driving the show to the conclusion. Voiced by Shunusuke Sakuya who doesn't play many roles besides Ukon from Naruto.
Lisa Mishima- Who is also an accomplice or "hostage" to the sphinx duo. She is a lonely girl who is bullied and has family troubles, too. She then develops a bond with the Sphinx Duo. Voiced by Tanezaki Atsumi who is relatively new and doesn't play many roles.

Artwork: The animation studio, MAPPA, relatively deals with a more realistic side to anime with, who have also animated Kids on the Slope,Hajime no Ippo: RIsing and the recent Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis. The animation is quite smooth, almost even movie quality like its' predecessors. The animation is great and the artwork has a somewhat casual feel to it with the purposely bland colors and well done details.

The Opening of the anime is something i looked forward to. It's somewhat relaxing with the mixing of trance and soft vocals.
The Ending: Has a slight dark tone to it, at the same time it's also soothing, too. on it, in other words I also enjoyed it.
The overall OST truly creates the atmosphere for the anime. Such pieces are made of piano compositions, relaxing early 2000s alternative music that are in english, relaxing operatic pieces,etc. The music isn't excellent, but it's definitely top tier.

First, when watching the first couple of episodes, you really get a Death Note feel to it: 2 intelligent sides facing off each other with both having strong ideals. The anime does a good job of developing the Sphinx duo through Lisa, by appealing to their soft, sympathetic side which you see through Nine and Twelve. Speaking of Lisa, shes really there as a plot device, nothing really goes on much with her,making her like the damsel in distress, sadly which hinders the show. Of course, the show somewhat loses the audience into not describing anything important such as #5's backstory
(A friend of Nine) and nonetheless make it clear for her motives nor why her relationship is close to Nine. Not to mention, not making the Sphinx Duo's motive clear,too though they do vaguely put it out there later. Above all, most things are explained but not the spots that are also just as important to the story. Also, little side note, they got actual english speakers for the English Roles.

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