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Man, it's been a while...

Intro: When you see Magical Girls, one of the initial things that come up on your mind is cute girls wearing cute costumes and fighting some ridiculous monster. When you're dealing with the Fate Series turning into a magical girl anime, this is where the ice can get thin.

Story: A normal elementary girl named Illya lives her normal life with her cute ol' group of friend. One night, as she was taking a bath, a mysterious floating Magical Staff crashes into her bath named Ruby, who has abandoned her original master named Tohsaka Rin. Upon this encounter, Illya decides to become a Magical Girl and agrees to capture the Class Cards: Beserker, Saber, Archer, Assassin, Lancer, Rider, and Caster.

Characters and the Voices:
Illyasviel Von Einzbern- She is a cute, bubbly girl who is very cheery in the show. She developes well throughout the series into a fine Magical Girl. Voiced by Mai Kadowaki who is also Usa Mimi from Kodomo no Jikan and Keiko Tanaka from Amagami SS, Illya in the other fate series and oddly all loli supporting roles...
Miyu Edelfelt- She is the quiet, shy girl who doesn't quite know how to fit in, a great reciprocal to Illya's personality. She meets Illya while she is hunting for the Class Cards, helping her and eventually becoming a close friend. Her Magical Staff also named Sapphire, relatively like a sister to Ruby, Illya's Magical Staff.Voiced By Kaori Nazuka who is also Shino from the .hack series,Tsukasa from Amagami SS, and Ami Futami from IdolM@asters, Tsubaki from Soul Eater and many more.

Animation: As always, from the animation company Silver Link, you can very much expect the animation to be thorough, colorful and pure eye candy based on their previous works like Baka to test, Non Non Biyori, C3 and other Fate/Series. This animation of Fate/Kaleid does not dissapoint when it comes to quality and is very enjoyable to the eyes.

The opening is the generic J-Pop which fits the anime's general atmosphere well.
Of course, the anime has to have some cheerful tones to place in this anime which of course, fits well.
The OST itself has the same general,epic orchestra pieces and fast paced music like Fate/Zero which are very well done and is a suprising and refreshing transition from the bubbly, cute Magical Girl tone.
Some songs included that are even dark, quite unexpected to come out of this OST.
The overall music score is decent, some pieces stick out to me that can leave me to listen on repeat while most of he pieces are decently well done.

The overall anime pleased me, since I thought the Fate/Series turning Magical Girl is a very skeptical idea. The comedy in this, which is often shown, is decent with the cute factor added in to make it jovial. However, the anime is suprisingly dark with the action compared to other Magical Girl animes which intrigued me even more. The story is told in a straightforward fashion, not that it's a bad thing though. It's lenient and easy follow: Capture the Class Cards.If you enjoyed Puella Madoka Magicas and alike, this'll be a good treat to you.

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