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Comedy, Ecchi, Magic
Anime (TV)

In an alternate dimension, only accessible to those who possess supernatural abilities, there exists a secret school called the Magician's Academy. This school is a learning place for wizards, elves, mech's and all other such super powerful anime related creatures. This story revolves around a boy named Takuto who is a Wizard at the academy, with his mute cousin he attends the Academy quite peacefully, until the day of his summoning exam. The exam was meant to summon an inanimate object out of another dimension, however something goes wrong, the facility goes out of control and a large explosion knocks Takuto flying. Waking up he finds himself faced by a naked girl who seems to have become very attached to him. Takuto's rather odd school life is now going to take an even stranger and possibly more exciting turn as the girls around him fight over who will get him, destroying everything in their wake and causing much trouble for him.

This series contains a bit of every anime genre, from mecha to supernatural, combat to cuteness, this is the perfect series for any self-proclaimed Otaku. There is nudity appearing in this anime quite a few times due to Tanarot's somewhat wild behaviour causing her to strip off or sneak in on Takuto while in the bath. Though the nudity is restricted to the top half only, it is definitely something that should be considered before showing this to children.
Probably one of the funnier aspects of this series is that the demons and angels who are featured a lot in the anime because they become summoned servents for the wizards, all turn out to be obsessed with anything anime and manga, even leading to illegal underground trading of premium anime goods from the human world.
Many large battles occur during this, whether it be over the true meaning of "Moe" or some other anime obsession.

Though it may appear that this would be a comedy overload, this series is actually set out very well with a good balance of comedy with just enough serious story. This anime will not only leave you in stitches, but cringing at some characters, excited with others, as well as every other kind of emotion a series could give. I would certainly recommend this anime to all anime fans.

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