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Venus Vanguard, a normal jewelry store at first appearance, but beneath it houses a secret group of people who specialize in the hunting of dark creatures known as "Virus". Virus' are the remains of those who have had their souls eaten by a Virus, seeking out others their one goal is to steal other peoples souls to fill their own empty souless existance. Few can see the Virus', but those who can are at greater risk for nothing attracts a virus more than those who have the ability to see them. Sumire and Lucia are a pair of such girls, however unlike most people, they both posses abilities which help with their combat of these creatures. Sumire who goes berserk when she is shot by the special anti-virus bullets and Lucia who posesses untold power in her eye which she must keep covered at all time to restrain her power.

Venus vs Virus is often listed as a Yuri anime, and though the relationship between the two does grow throughout the series and they come to like each other more and more, the story never seems to leave the point of them being close friends or a sisterly feel between them. The thing that makes this anime amazing is the berserk Sumire. It is not uncommon for there to be characters who go berserk in anime, but Sumire is probably one of the best. A two edged sword, Sumire hates losing her mind as when she does she is not only unstoppable, but she is determined to destroy anyone nearby, especially Lucia who the berserk side of her seems quite interested in ripping apart.

Venus vs Virus starts with some dark storylines for the first couple of episodes to describe the work the girls do, however it quickly begins to go into how they became the way they were and then into the main plot line revolving around a group of people in the past resulting in a plot by the overall villain who they have to stop at any costs. But with Sumire going berserk and the enemy showing some interest in her while they search for some special magical force, this anime does not go down the usual line of fighting the minions and ending with the boss.

Venus vs Virus is a recomended must see to all those who like the dark destructive insanity of characters such as Ryner Lute from "The Legend of the Legendary Heroes" which shows a more destructive take of a similar theme than that of Sumire in this anime. The only problem I could really say this anime has, is that it seems to be somewhat slow in the middle and a little inconclusive at the end. However, this is still a good story and I recommend this to anyone who is interested in Anime.

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