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True Tears, is one of those Anime you stumble upon every other millennia, it's a hidden gem over shadowed by other Anime in the same genre as well as other P.A Works show's such as Angel Beats and Another. True Tears has 13 episodes, with a few spin off and specials. It served as P.A. Works' first Anime and has some amazing, above average animation to back that up. The show itself was directed by Junji Nishimura, who has also directed shows such as Ranma 1/2, Samurai deeper kyo and Dog Days' making him a fairly experienced director.

True Tears is set in modern day Japan, based in a town close to the ocean and is loosely based off the Toyama prefecture in Japan. I loved this setting, as it actually emerged me due to how realistic the setting was. I liked how it was set near the sea, mainly because most Harem's you find now a days are basically set in the same settings all of the time (that being a generic town, with a generic high school and an oh so pretty girl the protagonist is after). With the setting being close to the sea and beach, it really opened up what is usually a very boring, minute surrounding.

Now, before I go into any details about the story, you must first understand that True Tears is an adaptation of a Visual Novel of the same name. As you know, visual novels allow you, the player, to make choices and go down different routes for a certain ending. Because of this, there are multiple endings and people tend to argue about which endings are better. This leaves Anime adaptation's with a huge role of pulling off an route that everyone likes, as well as making it interesting to watch at the same time.
True Tears excels in this department, it manages to follow one particular route, but making everyone else happy by the way they go about doing so.

Now, finally I can talk about the story. The story revolves around the main protagonist (like many other anime) who goes by the name of Shinichiro Nakagami. He goes to school, he has friends and he also dances. The story is about how he meets a strange, chicken loving "weirdo" called Noe Isurugi. Noe puts a curse on Shinichiro, leaving him to find a "cure" for this curse. I want to leave the story as that, because I want YOU, yes you to go find out the story for yourself, rather than letting me tell you here.

Why would I want you to go watch the story? because I absolutely loved it! It was well scripted and covered many of the best areas from the visual novel. The story explored each character in great depth and brought you to care for all of them and does so effectively. I beg of you, GO WATCH THIS ANIME.

The Characters tend to be the most important feature to most Anime, particularly in Harems. So the characters in True Tears are equally as important. The problem with most Harems is that the protagonists tend to be as interesting as a bar of soap. This however is not the case in True Tears.

Shinichiro is actually likeable and relatable and is most important of all, interesting. You actually end up caring for the guy, rather than just expecting woman to come his way. Sure it does happen, it is a harem at the end of the day, however when it does you're not too sure how to react, leaving you, the viewer in the same state of mind as Shinichiro. I liked Shinichiro, he was great and acted as a human being, not a vegetable.

Often looked over in most harem's is the main protagonist's best friend who is usually branded as a "baka" you know, Sunohara from Clannad, Taisuke from School days. The "baka" in True Tears is actually better then most protagonists from other series. Miyokichi Nobuse is a good friend of Shinichiro, rather than looking at breast's all the time and declaring that he is going to get some. Miyokichi actually gets some which adds to the story and helps progress Miyokichi's character.

I want to explain more about the other 3 characters (that being the girls) however I want to let you, discover them and fall in l

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