Review: Railgun
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Other Names:
Toaru Kagaku no R─ôrugan
Action, Supernatural, Comedy
Anime (TV)

Academy city, named for the high percentage of the population that are still students, is used as a testing ground for new technology. As such, it is now several decades ahead of the rest of the country, but that is not the main attraction. Inside the many schools, they teach and develop the esper abilities of the students, which are ranked from 0 (no ability) to level 5 (super powerful). This Anime follows one of the 7 level 5s in the city, a student named Misaka Mikoto, otherwise known as 'Railgun'.

Though the city seems to be an ideal place for any teenager with a lack of parents and super powers abundant, but things are not all that they seem. Several students seem to be falling into comas with no explanation, while super powerful criminals are cropping up out of nowhere, all of which leading to a dark plot underpinning the city.

Originally an off shoot from the anime 'Index', Railgun actually comes into its own later on in the series when events start to get darker and the fights more intense, though the humour manages to stay in place all the way through. Personally, I would suggest this anime for teens and up as some topics are not really suitable for younger viewers, but it is still entertaining to watch if you ever want a good friendship/ action series with the blessing of many weird and wonderful powers.

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