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Intro: Could you imagine your favorite Manga authors or Artist lives were like? Surely, it must be busy, it must be life draining, but a tale like this combines this into a story. Bakuman is an unique show, a tale about 2 young men having a dream.

The story began with Mashiro Moritaka who is drawing his crush named Azuki Miho in freshmen year in his notebook. That same day, he forgot to take his notebook home and returns to school to retrieve only to find someone named Akito Takagi finding his notebook and his drawing of his crush. Akito realized how Mashiro's drawing was very well drawn and detailed for just a doodle. Akito goes on to pursuading Mashiro in joining him to be great mangakas of japan, naming their duo: Ashirogi Muto. They go through rigorous challenges and many shifts in life's obstacles, with the promise of being a great Mangaka then marry his crush.

Characters and The Voices:
Mashiro Moritaka: Before becoming a mangaka, Mashiro didnt know what to do with his life. He is the artist of the Ashirogi Muto Duo and is very talented. Voiced By Atsushi Abe who is also Kukai from Shugo Chara and Touma from the Toaru Majutsu series.
Takagi Akito: He has some of the best grades in Japan and an award winning writer, a talented man in the Mangaka Duo: Ashirogi Muto. Voiced by Satoshi Hino who is also Sai from Naruto: Shippuden, Yuuji from Shakugan no Shana and Saito from Zero no Tsukaima.

The 1st opening I liked, it was chill,calm,charming and a good start off to the show, 2nd opening was motivational and is my favorite, the 3rd opening was uplifting but it was decent and the 4th was chill, pretty nice. The whole OST includes some raggy-ish rock (Maybe from some American infloence, acoustic chill tracks, relaxing or sad piano tracks, uplifting tones that are very well made and serious tracks that bring you in. I overall enjoyed the music. Ill be putting OST Links here.

Bakuman OST 1:
Bakuman OST 2:

The Artwork is very nice to see. The characters are realistically drawn, but a touch of some details that you dont find in every day life, and some unrealistic designs sometimes for slapstick. The details are well done, I rarely saw anything awkward. The artwork is something to look forward in this anime.

Final Comments: By far, this is some of the most interesting stories I've ever watched. The story telling was smooth and intriguing to follow as Ashirogi Muto fight their way to the top, bringing you in on the adventure. How the anime even teaches you things about the manga and anime industry. Even some of the supporting characters are lovable to an extent and you just know they're their, not just as supporting characters. I can say it's better than Soul Eater or FMA, whether it is or not I recommend this to ALL anime watchera and manga readers alike! The show is also seperated into 3 seasons, so this is a review of all seasons combined.

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