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Death Note is a interesting SciFi action anime it goes as a young genius named Light Yagami whom resents everything evil is walking home one day from school and spots a notebook with the name Death Note which was dropped on "accident" by the shinigami named ryuk at first Light thinks it's a joke until he watches the news and writes down a criminals name who soon dies forty seconds after to be sure he rights down a name of a man and writes his name with an accidental death in forty seconds he dies after realizing the Death Note's true power he seeks to eliminate all evil in the world and create a new world with the power of the notebook after a little bit of time he meets the shinigami ryuk who explains and answers questions for Light and he is destine to follow light till his death or the Death Note is used up with the mass killing of criminals going on a detective is called in to solve these crimes and goes by L who tries to find who the person who is killing all these criminals. Light and L go through a bit of a stand off to see who is the victor in the end Light also the killer named kira or L the detective. there will be other characters introduced and there is a manga for it if you would like to read it. I give this anime a eight out of ten though it is suspenseful and intense for a lot of it the last remaining of the episodes you'll lose a bit of interest.

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