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Other Names:
His and Her Circumstances
Comedy, Romance, School
Anime (TV)

Miyazawa Yukino is your typical model student, popular, intelligent, beautiful and seemingly flawless. Or at least that is how she appears. Yukino hides a great secret, that being she is a self-proclaimed queen of vanity. That's right, there is nothing this girl wont do to get peoples praise and attention, her favourite books are get rich quick schemes and she only drops her character at home with her family. The anime starts with her entering High School, however everything did not go to plan. She had intended to be the highest scoring student in the entrance exam, but someone beat her. Comforting herself in thinking the person who beat her was probably a bad looking nerd she happily took her place in the entrance ceremony. However, when the speaker rose to represent the first years as the highest scorer she found that not only was the guy good looking, but he was everything she had strived to be without all the effort. The anime begins with her constant competition to beat Arima Soujiro then leads into a steadily developing love between the two as they both try to remove their outer façade and live as their true selves.

This anime is great in the fact it switched between drama and comedy at frequent intervals as Yukino doubts herself and their relationship, or her craving for attention and how she fights to keep it together because of unfounded worried thoughts. This animes drawing style has a very manga like feel as the anime often switches from flowing movement to still manga captions and even goes so far as to incorporate the original manga into an anime scene. Kare Kano sticks closely to the manga, but the manga carries on for a little while after the end of the story for Kare Kano.

This is a wonderful anime of love between two top students and how their trying to change their character causes problems for them at school, from the teachers calling them for lowering grades, to students criticizing Yukino for lying to them. Comedy is introduced in the form of Yukino's obsessive nature, laid back parents and sisters, love rivals and her over thinking of most situation. For lovers of romantic stories this is a great story which is bound to leave a smile on your face. However, if you are just looking for an all out comedy I wouldn't recommend this anime due to its rather serious nature throughout.

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