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Supernatural, Comedy, Harem
Anime (TV)

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself with a Harem of beautiful girls vying for your attention? Sounds good right? Well...what if those girls were all monsters?

When Ano Tsukune failed his high school entrance exams, he thought that his next year was going to be a drag, but that was before his father came home with the solutions to all his problems. Having somehow acquired the entrance papers to the prestigious Yokai Academy, and, without further thought, he is sent off to start his new life. Unfortunately, there was one thing they didn't know when he applied. Yokai Academy is a school for monsters, and once he starts attending the school, Tsukune must hide his true identity as a human under pain of death. In a school where everyone must hide their true form, that should be easy enough to do, right?

The series follows his budding relationship with the beautiful vampire, Akashiya Moka (whose true personality is hidden by the Rosary she wears) and his struggles to remain hidden in a school where things often go spectacularly wrong. Further along, you are introduced to many more interesting, and sometimes frankly alarming, characters that all seem to fawn over our hero leading to many terrible misunderstandings and hilarious situations, with each of them trying to win his heart for themselves.

'Rosario + Vampire' is predominantly a comedy with several echi moments and spectacular fight scenes thrown in, but it also covers the strong friendships between the main characters, and, underneath it all, there are darker themes at play. With the plot twist and sometimes downright bizarre problems cropping up everywhere, there is never a dull moment at the school, making it an anime that is gripping and interesting.

Over all, I would recommend this anime to anyone who likes a lighter twist on the paranormal themes of monsters, and those just interested in the weird and wonderful, though the compromising positions that seem to crop up when you least expect them suggests that this may be better suited to older audiences. Also, there are several demons brought up, both traditional Japanese and not, with their connecting myths explained or invented as the characters are introduced, making it an interesting watch for anyone interested in mythology.

However, the plot line does seem to twist a lot and the subject matter can twist from dead serious to completely ridiculous in the course of one episode, so this may not be suitable for anyone wanting a more serious or purely happy anime to start.

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