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Other Names:
Shugo Chara! Season 1
Comedy, Action, Magic
Anime (TV)

"All kids have an egg in their soul, the egg of their hearts, their would be self... yet, unseen."

Hinamori Amu is the 'Cool and Spicy' transfer student that holds the attention of the entire school, rumours abound about her famous parents and speculation about her past runs rife. Throughout all of this Amu manages to keep up her cool, disinterested demeanour that has made her the idol of her class mates, however, that is just not her. Despite how she may seem, Amu is actually a shy, quiet girl who only wants to fit in, drawn into the unending act when her nervous introduction was seen as rebellion against the system. Stuck in the role of the glamorous bad girl and seeing no way out, Amu turns to her Guardian Angel wishing to be reborn… so how did those three weird eggs come into it? And what on earth do the school elite, the 'guardians' see in her all of a sudden?

The story of 'Shugo Chara' is both endearingly sweet and soaked through with comedic aspects while still managing to confront issues that bother us even when we are older. Throughout the series, Amu and her friends must face the consequences of numerous problems such as fear of change and the feelings of inadequacy that plague many students, giving out a strong message of self-belief and to aim for your goals while still managing to maintain the feeling of child-like innocence.

With practical magical girl (and boy) transformations, action scenes and even a love triangle, this anime seems to cover a wide area of interests, though it seems to be aimed at younger teens more than anyone else. The plot is sweet, and there are a few dark moments (as well as several more cringe worthy scenes) but I don’t believe that the plot is really as complex as many animes aimed at an older audience.

Still, with its array of interesting characters (ranging from adorable to downright strange) it is an interesting watch for someone wanting to fill up time between series, though with 51 episodes, it is anything but short. For anyone wanting a light story line with a few darker plot twists, this is something you may like to look into.

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