Review: Vampire Knight Guilty
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Other Names:
Vampire Knight Season 2
Supernatural, Thriller, School
Anime (TV)

After the disaster caused by the pureblood princess Shizuka, you would believe that the excitement at Cross academy had come to an end right? Well, unfortunately it looks like events have really only just begun. In this second season of Vampire Knight things continue to get steadily darker as the season progresses and no one will really explain why.

On the brighter side, the relationship between Yuki and Kaname continues to progress but everything seems wrong for the young girl and tensions amongst the vampires continue to mount, seeming to centre around Yuki’s lost memories of her past which seem to be coming more and more important all of a sudden. Even her adopted father is beginning to act strange (more than normal at any rate) and the new teacher at the school seems to be nothing but trouble. Could her past really be all that important?

Distraught, Yuki begins to delve further into her past, trying to find out anything she can about the events that led to her being abandoned in that snowy field all those years ago and needing Kaname to save her, though there seems to be an outside force attempting to stop her and Zero from finding out anything of real importance. Despite all of this, she keeps pushing and everything begins to change.

This second series of the anime is far darker than the first with many more fight scenes and betrayal filtering through the entire story, turning characters against each other and forcing them to make difficult choices. With some disturbing revelations and another phantom from the past causing trouble, will the school ever be the same again.

Like the first series of this anime, this continues to be in amongst my favourite plots and I would still recommend it to anyone who is looking for a short series in the supernatural genre full of more fight scenes and darker moments than the series prior. However, the light humour that seemed to cover most of the first series is mostly absent from this new one which may lead to some people finding it less enjoyable than the first.

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