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The prestigious boarding school, Cross academy, is home to two types of students. First, there are the residents of the Sun dormitory who attend lessons during the day and so are subsequently names 'The Day Class'. These are the normal students of normal families who attend purely for the reputation of the school and dream of being promoted to the other half of the school for the so called 'Night Class' seems only to accept the most beautiful and intelligent of students, all of whom are much admired by their class mates. However, these students have a secret and it is one of the best kept throughout history, for the night class will only accept Vampires as students.

This story follows Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the academy’s chairman and founder who decided that it was his dream to prove that both humans and vampires could live together in harmony. In her lessons, Yuki and her 'brother' Zero are not the best of students, both of them falling asleep in most classes, though they are the only ones to have the status of 'Guardian's' (similar to prefects) and, although they may at first seem to be only to uphold the school rules, the pair of them are also charged with protecting both the students from the Day class from their counterparts, and also defending the secret of the Night class.

As the story progresses, things begin to get darker, leaving the almost playful humour of the start far behind as the anime begins to delve further into the hidden war between the vampires and the hunters, and the events that occur thereof, centring mainly around Zero as a phantom from his past begins to cause trouble around the school, making his world slowly fall apart around him.

For a long time this has been one of my favourite animes as there are so many levels to the plot and there are several hints dropped throughout the episodes that only really make sense if you continue to watch on, making it gripping, though at times it can be slightly disturbing. Although it seems to follow the typical vampire stereo types (thankfully, no sparkling included) there are some changes and some extremely unexpected plot twists that keep the story entertaining.

Personally, I would recommend this anime to anyone who is interested in the supernatural or vampire genre, or anyone just looking for a short-ish series in general as it does in fact manage to cover a wide range of genres without taking on the feeling of being rushed.

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