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Comedy, Game, Kids
Anime (TV)

Aoba Tadamichi was an ordinary school boy, he loved playing baseball with his two friends and was one of the best hitters in school. However, one day he hit the ball into the principles favourite plant smashing the pot. Before they could escape they were caught by the principle, but instead of getting mad the principle congratulated him on a great swing. It turned out the principle was a lover of golf and after showing Dan Doh his golf swing, Dan Doh found himself fixated with the game. Soon after on his way home he found a tree which was said to be able to make a legendary golf club. On trying to cut a branch he was caught by the owner of the house where the tree was growing. The man was the one who he had seen the principle watching a video of earlier that day, a professional golfer, and he was willing to teach him and his friends how to play? The junior Tournament has begun, but will 3 amateurs stand a chance? Will he find his mother through golf? Why does he have to keep it a secret from his dad?

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