Review: MAR Heaven
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Other Names:
Marchen Awakens Romance
Magic, Fantasy, Comedy
Anime (TV)

Day dreaming in class, we've all been there haven't we? The series starts with the main character, Ginta, imagining his epic battle with a demon to save the beautiful princess (who looks suspiciously like his best friend) but little does this game loving middle school student know that his dreams are about to become a reality.

The next morning when he turns up at school, he is pulled through a mystical gate and into the magical realm of MAR where people use items called ‘Arms’ to achieve tasks and fight. At first, he is living the dream (literally) but the tide soon changes when he, along with some friends he has gathered along his journeys (including the all too familiar Princess Snow) he finds that this utopia is facing the return of an old threat, The Chess Pieces. Lead by their zombified leader, Phantom, these dark mages are wreaking havoc on this world with no other apparent aim than to cause destruction and misery in a second war. Unfortunately, the opposition from the last war, the Cross Guard, lost their leader in the last fight leaving them weakened so that it is up to Ginta and his team to see to the protection in the aptly named ‘War Games’.

This anime combines humour and magical battle scenes to create something that is both amusing and gripping with enough cute scenes and true friendship to appease anyone. Although the drawing style and plot line may indicate that this is an anime for a younger audience, but I find that it is still interesting even to the older viewers and would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a good fantasy to immerse themselves in, though the plot does often border on the realms of the frankly ridiculous.

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