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Action, Fantasy, Magic
Anime (TV)

10 years after the Barsburg Empire invaded the Raggs Kingdom, the Raggs Kingdom is now gone and peace has returned. However events are beginning to unfold which will once again throw the world into another inbalance. The real reason for Barsburg's invasion was for a stone called 'The Eye of Michael' which was held by the King of Raggs Kingdom. However, the stone seemed to have disappeared just before the invasion. The story now 10 years later revolves around a young boy named 'Teito Klein' an ex-slave and one of the few remaining survivors of the Raggs Kingdom he has no memory of his past before the invasion only visions which haunt him. With his best friend Mikage he is training as a soldier in the Barsburg Empirial army living out his days happily whilst facing prejudices from the other cadets for his past enslavement. However everything changes when he meets with the famous Barsburg Militant Ayanami, he suddenly begins to regain some of his memories from the past, including that he is the son of the king of Raggs Kingdom. Suddenly he tries to assassinate Ayanami in a fit of rage only to be captured and imprisoned by his underlings. Mikage being his friend sees it as his duty to rescue him and provides an escape for him. However things don't go exactly as planned and as Teito escapes he loses conciousness. On regaining conciousness he finds himself under the protection of the church with some very odd bishops. What will become of him now? What happened in the past? Why did Ayanami kill his father? What is his connection with 'The Eye of Michael'? and what are the 7 Ghosts?

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