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Supernatural, Mystery, Comedy
Anime (TV)

In this thriller of a story we follow the life of one Taniyama Mai, and ordinary high school student with a love of the occult who stays behind at school one day to tell ghost stories with her friends in the hope of summoning a spirit. However, what starts out as a bit of harmless fun soon degenerates (through the help of a broken camera and a falling cupboard) into an adventure she never hoped to wish for when she is taken in as an assistant for the Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR) company as an assistant. Along with her new friends and her infuriatingly self-obsessed (though extremely attractive) boss whom she christens ‘Naru the Narcissist’, Mai faces a series of cases in which she faces anything spanning from mere ground subsidence, to a blood soaked demon and an angry god out for revenge (a little different to the traditional Lions, tigers and bears right?) though through it all, the team manage to keep up an upbeat attitude with jokes and quips that keep the comedy alive even when many of the characters on screen are not.

Still, despite the light mood that covers the whole series, a darker tone begins to grow, getting stronger as the cases progress and, although the main character seems to have a habit off falling down into pits and wells (“why is it always me?”), the tension is built artfully through each episode until the true horror of the cases can be felt. All the way through there are thrilling scenes of suspense and even a few scenes that would put a zombie apocalypse to shame making ‘Ghost Hunt’ a brilliant combination between both the Comedy and Thriller Genres, though everything seems to turn out right in the end, even if all the main characters seem to be hiding something or another about themselves.

All in all, Ghost Hunt is a good anime for anyone who is a fan of the supernatural, and there is even some good information about the classifications of psychic abilities and ghost activity to boot, but it also slips in to the genres of comedy, friendship and even romance (can you say ‘love triangle’ anyone?) on occasion making it interesting to a wide variety of audiences, though it is probably not something to watch if you are easily scared. You have been warned!

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