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Slice-of-Life, School, Romance
Anime (TV)

When I first saw this anime I wasn't very fond of the name and the picture , didn't really appeal to me, but watching it i saw that the quality was pretty good and continued watching.
Banri Tada: The main character who lost his memory in a accident. To me he seemed like your average anime main character in slice of life.

Mitsuo Yanagisawa: The pretty boy in the anime, who just moved to Tokyo to get away from Kōko Kaga who he says is very clingy with him and kept saying they were gonna get married.

Kōko Kaga: Kōko is very weird character at first, she moved to Tokyo to chase after Mitsuo, who with Mitsuo acts like a whole different person that when shes not around him, and with any other character she acts more normal.

Linda: Before Banri was in his accident Linda was Banri's closes friend and his former crush and you will see how much they care for one another as the story plays out but now goes to the same school as the rest of the characters in the story and plays another big part in this story.

The Plot to Golden Times is the main character Banri Tada moved to a new city and is going to a private law school in Tokyo where he meets his first friend Mitsuo Yanagisawa, who also moved there from another city to get away from a girl, Kōko Kaga, who plays a huge part in the story, but soon finds out she also came to the same school to be with him. You soon find out that Banri was in a accident where he fell off a bridge after his high school graduation causing him to lose his memory's.

I had my own share of problems with this anime such as,Memory lost in an anime this new is cliche. Which I have no problem with just the way the presented it was kinda weird where his old self would come back and start freaking out which feel awkward at times that it happens.
Another problem I had was with golden times was Kōko herself, in the beginning of the anime i really grown to hate her by the way she was acting and was confused when Barni grew to like her, and really didn't know how to feel about him liking her seeing the way that she was and even later her is still just as bad.
Over all the story was good and the art was the best over all so my final score is a 6/10.

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