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Other Names:
No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular!
Comedy, Psychological, School
Anime (TV)

What do you get when you cross comedy with a hatred for world and a super narcissistic shy girl named Tomoko? Why probably the most cringeworthy anime you have ever seen. This story follows the somewhat less than ordinary girl Tomoko as she fights to make her debut in highschool. However, much time has passed and she has not only failed to become popular, but she seems to have almost completely faded into the background within the classroom. Tomoko being proud of her looks and feels she should be the centre of attention is now about to try her best to become the most popular girl in class. However, she is shy and can not even hold a conversation with anyone but her family and old friends. In fact, when she tries to speak to new people, she often finds herself actually repulsing them instead. But she believes if she perserveres, the perfect simulated game ending will be just around the corner.

A somewhat funny and at the same time familiar feeling I get from this anime, it is probably wrong to try and see oneself in Tomoko, but even then, you can not deny that there are many things about her which you just can't help comparing with yourself. From start to finish this anime shows how her attempts to make herself look cute only serve to make her look disgustingly repulsive, and even when she sees herself in the mirror, she finds herself throwing up at her own image. Seeking to change her position in the class standing, she often finds herself saying the wrong thing or being met with looks of confusion and disgust only serving to make her hate her life even more. Though this anime gets off to a slow but good start, I can't help feeling that the season cut off just around the point where things were finally beginning to have meaning.

I probably would find myself watching this anime again in the near future, if not for the grotesque comedy, but I can't help feeling the images of Tomoko and her brother could have done with better work, what with the two almost always appearing to be insomniacs, though this is not supported by their sleeping habbits in the anime. Though an OVA is planned for this anime, as of yet there does not seem to be any plans for a season 2, and as a stand-a-lone season, I find I can't really see it as fulfilling. I am a big advocate that all anime first seasons should be able to stand as a single season, should the anime not then continue. But this anime leaves too much open for the ending to be a good one. I would recomend this to others, but I must warn that the ending could be somewhat disappointing if another season is never to be released.

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