Review: Eureka 7
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Other Names:
Action, Mecha, Romance
Anime (TV)

Many years have passed since man was driven from earth, now they live on a planet with strange winds called Traver. This traver has given rise to a new kind of sport called “Liff” where people use the travers with surfboard like machines and fly through the air. However there are a band of renegade pirates who search the world for the best Traver waves even if it means travelling through millitary controlled space. The leader of this band is famous for being one of the best liff flyers in the world.

Renton was just a normal boy who lived with his grandfather in the country of Belforst. His grandfather a mechanic wants nothing more than to see Renton take over the family buisness and live happily with him in Belforst. The thing that annoys Renton so much and the reason his grandfather protects him is because of his father Adrock Thurnston. Adrock Thurnston is famous through out the world as the man who saved humanity in the disaster known as “The Summer of Love”. During the process he vanished and his body was never found. Not long after Renton’s sister left to find out about his father and never returned. Tired of being compared to his heroic father Renton wants nothing more than to leave Belforst even if it is against his grandfathers wishes. He has a pashion for Liff and diligently follows the magazines published by the famous Liff pirates, his main wish is to join them as they travel around the world fighting the millitary and looking for the best Traver. After the military take over Renton’s favourite riff spot for military training he travels home to sulk, it was then everything changed. A war machine called the “Nivarsh” piloted by a beautiful girl named “Eureka” crashes into his bedroom destroying the whole building. She has come for repairs to the Nivarsh and seems to have some connection to the Pirate group. On seeing Eureka, Renton instantly falls in love and begins to do stupid things for her attention. But Eureka is a strange girl and not long after her arrival the millitary come to find the renegades and she goes out to confront them. Should Renton go with her? What is this device his grandfather has been hiding? What links does all this have to his father? And will his love for the strange girl Eureka prevail?

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