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Welcome to the world of Witches, where battles rage between the two factions, and humans are none the wiser. Our story follows a rather average boy who seems to have nothing that could be remotely seen as interesting about him, other than being sat next to the hotest and most respected girl in school.Time passes with little interaction between the two, until one day when taking out the rubbish from class, the school clock tower begins to fall on him. Thinking all hope is lost, he awakens to find himself being carried by the hot girl and not only that, she's flying on a broom. Add in the hat and cloak to the mix, it is obvious that the girl is a witch. A rather strange and unusal battle is about to ensue as the witches of the tower now seem intent on trying to catch him and nobody will tell him why. One thing is clear to him, these witches all seem to be crazy, even his protector seems to refer to him as a Princess, and does not seem to notice that the other kids in the school beat him up out of jealousy as she follows him everywhere.

A nice mix of magic, combat and in some cases anime people. Though this anime was comical, it still tries to touch on almost drama like moments. But the drama moments as with a lot of this anime, seem to be somewhat rushed and the comedy often comes across as forced. Personnally I found it difficult to keep pace with this anime in terms of it being interesting. Although in the end it is almost all explained, there are way too many cheap get outs and sudden complete changes of character for some of the witches.
If you are looking for an anime featuring magic and a fair amount of comedy, I would recomend this anime, however, I feel that this series had a lot more potential had it been planned properly and therefore feel the overall representation to be quite poor.
The ending is also not one which leaves a feeling of satisfaction, and though the anime leaves you wondering a lot throughout, there are still too many corny or bad twists which were either half explained or not properly explained.
Probably this anime's biggest saving grace is that the ending is really cute and catchy...definitely worth a listen if you have the time, it's very funny.

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