Review: Soul Eater Not!
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Other Names:
Ecchi, Comedy, Action
Anime (TV)

This anime is basically a fan service add-on to the series Soul Eater. It's main characters are mainly among the lines of 12 -13 year old which I guess makes this one awkward Ecchi anime that tries really hard to make the viewers laugh. For those who have seen Soul Eater this was a slight disappointment for people who have seen Soul Eater.

After seeing Soul Eater I was personally offended at watching this. It felt like the long awaited "prequel" was a HUGE waste. Honestly if you like really mediocre anime you might wanna watch this. The art is ok and the characters are well.... they're there.

The music is perfect for it's upbeat and cheerful scenes. Honestly this anime only really fails when compared to it's roots. By itself it does alright. The story so far from what i see from the manga and anime doesn't completely mold to Soul Eater's story and it sort of branches off and forms it's own story.

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