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Horror, School, Mystery
Anime (TV)

Intro:Welcome to Another anime review....(See what I did there?). Another is definitely a horror, mystery that keeps you guessing. The eery atmosphere keeps you guessing on who is going to die, how a person is going to die, and when is the person going to die... Yep, just Another anime...

Plot: Kouichi Sakakibara has just into Yomiyama North Middle School along with the town that resides. For some reason, Kouichi couldn't help but to sense a disturbing air in the little town. He becomes interested in Mei Misaki, a mysterious and beautiful girl with an eye patch, finding out that no one notices her existence except Kouichi. Plus, the class that Kouichi is in which is Class 3-3, has a curse that pretty much means the doom of every classmate

Characters and the Voices:
Mei Misaki: The wondrous eye-patch girl that looks cute but has a mysterious aura around her. She is described to be non-existent to anyone. Voiced by Natsumi Takamori who is also Hiroshi Inaba from Cuticle Tantei Inaba and Shinpachi Shimura from Gintama:Enchousen.
Kouichi Sakakibara: The only son left in his family, he pursues to make a bond with Mei Misaka. Overall, the one pursuing the town's mystery. Voiced Atsushi Abe who is also Mashiro Moritaka from Bakuman and Touma Kamijou from the Toaru Series.

Music: The music from an anime like this is just as what you expect of it's genre. The opening is a mix of orchestra and pop elements, but it's mainly vocals, beautiful and mysterious toned vocals I might add. The eery music that plays to build up suspense, the fast paced orchestra when someone is dying in a dramatic fashion, or music that is just their to make you anxious... There aren't any favorites, not anything memorable to me, but the music definitely does its job of bringing you into the show beautifully.
Example Soundtracks: 1,3,6,7,13
Overall, soundtrack is done well.

Artwork: Something that truly can catch anyone's eye is the overall artwork and animation of the show. How the blood is animation is very ecstatic to emphasize how gruesome a death is along with the blood gushes and subtle flow of it. The background and the town is drawn in a dark,archaic tone that brings you in to the show. One thing mentionable is when a character dies or when a character is out murdering, their faces change drastically that is quite disturbing. There are minor lapses of animation and artwork, along with students being a part of the background. Overall animation is pretty much smooth.

Final Comments: The anime, sadly, lacks any sort of interesting characters. No one really develops and it is really plot driven. Kouichi doesn't do much, as he is the main character to a mystery anime that should be trying to crack the case, instead he is somewhat of a bystander. Besides Mei, every character adds to the massive murderfest the anime becomes leaving them disposable at any time. The time of death in the anime can be unexpected and it keeps you guessing,when and where someone might die can be difficult to guess or easy-peasy to guess. How the characters die are various and is one of the juicy meats from the show, cause they can go from stabs to BLURURRURGURGRURGU everywhere.

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