Review: Kaze no Stigma
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Other Names:
Stigma of the Wind
Action, Magic, Supernatural
Anime (TV)

About: Kazuma is a member of the prestigious Kannagi family, a family who throughout the generations have upheld order and hidden the existance of ability uses from the public. What makes the Kannagi family special, is not just their wealth and influence, but also their ability to make and control fire. Kazuma however was born without the ability to control fire "En-jutsu", and was subsequently kicked out of the house after his defeat by his younger cousin Ayano 4 years prior to the start of the series. After travelling abroad, Kazuma has now returned, but rather than being able to control fire, he has come back as a "Fu-jutsu" user, a person who can control the winds. This ability is exlusive to one of the serviant clans of the Kannagi and does not appear well in the eyes of the Kannagi. However, not long after Kazuma arrives, a series of murders begins to happen leaving many Kannagi clan dead and the evidence points to a powerful Fu-jutsu user as the culprit. This makes Kazuma the prime culprit, but how is he able to perform Fu-Jutsu? What of the fabled contractor from the rumours? And how will his relationship develop with Ayano who the clan are pushing as his fiance?

Review: This is by far one of my favourite series, I remember when I was younger watching every episode of this series as it was released and then many times over. I remember waiting for the second season for a few years before I found out that the mangaka had passed away without completing the manga so this anime will never get a season 2. Though the final volume of the manga was made using the mangaka's notes, we will never get to see the true intent of the authors story.

However, when we consider this anime as a single entity, this anime makes a great series and deals well with the element of mystery and dramatic backstory whilst mixing in just the right amount of comedy to keep the audience interested. Although this series is never going to get a second season, I would still recommend this series to anyone who is interested in this sort of plotline as this series has enough impact to leave even the most ardent fans in awe.

Guidance: This anime is suitable for an audience of young teen and older due to the content of some of the jokes, however younger children may also enjoy this series if you feel your kids will not mind the odd vague joke to do with Ayano and Kazuma's relationship.

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