Review: Kill La Kill
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Other Names:
KLK, Dressed to Kill
Action, Ecchi, School
Anime (TV)

About: In a futuristic world where those in charge are ranked by their clothes, Ryuuko Matoi arrives at Honnouji Academy carrying a large scissor like blade searching for the person who holds the other half to avenge her father. After a quick defeat by one of the wears of a Gokkou Uniform, Ryuuko finds herself at her old home where she meets the God Uniform Senketsu, who allows her to transform and attain unimaginable power for the price of drinking her blood. Although a vampiric battle suit sounds bad enough, it seems that Senketsu’s transformed form leaves her barely clothed, and it seems the more naked she gets, the more powerful Senketsu becomes.
Battling with her embarrassment, Ryuuko sets out to fight the owners of the Gokkou Uniforms to get closer to her match against Satsuki Kiryuuin, the leader of Honnouji Academy and someone who seems to know the secret behind her fathers death. But what are Gokkou Uniforms? What is the true secret behind Honnouji Academy? And when will Ryuuko finally find the reason behind her fathers death.

Review: The series deals a lot with the subject of nudity, whilst still maintaining a no nudity image, with characters clothes being ripped off when beaten by Ryuuko and a secret organisation who prefer to fight naked than wear Gokkou Uniforms, Kill la Kill is definitely a rather strange but unique series.
Although at first the story seems quite silly, it quickly begins to get more serious with a dark underlying story that is sure to keep even the most comedy resistant fans entertained. It is also nice to see that even with the more serious nature of the show, Kill la Kill is able to keep the comical aspect without it interfering.

Probably the funniest character in this show is Mako Mankanshoku, a rather oblivious and hyperactive classmate to Ryuuko and a perfect compliment to Ryuuko’s delinquent personality. Often popping up at strange times to provide a complete misunderstanding to the situation, Mako serves as a good Boke to Ryuuko’s straight laced Tsukkomi.

Guidance: Due to the perverted nature of the battles and the large gushing of blood in this anime, this series is not really recommended for children, though this serves well as a good comedy for later teens and young adults. I would recommend this series to most people, though discretion is advised.

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