Review: Akuma no Riddle
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Other Names:
Riddle Story of Devil
Action, Psychological, School
Anime (TV)

About: In a prestigious school, there is a secret class called Class Black. Outside of class black, the students can only speculate on what it is for, some think it is full of idols, others think it is kids with special talents and intelligence. In fact, Class Black is actually a class full of assassins, and their purpose? To kill the only girl in the class who is not an Assassin before graduation without letting the ordinary students or the teacher realise what is really going on. 12 Assassins and 1 normal girl. Haru, the normal girl, knows that she is being targeted, but she aims to graduate the school without being killed to finally be free of all the assassins who have tried to take her life through the years. But it appears luck is on her side, as Azuma, the daughter of the most prestigious Assassin family, has defected to her side and now serves to protect her from all the assassins who are coming her way. Will they survive until the end? What is the real reason behind the formation of Class Black? And what dark secrets do the girls hide in their pasts which would lead them down the path to murder?

Review: An interesting take on the Psychological school-life genre. Many might be forgiven for anticipating this to be similar to Assassination Classroom, however this series could not be more different. Akuma no Riddle deals with the dark world of assassins and humanity and shows for some interesting battles as they take their turns to assassinate Haru throughout the series. The introduction of the notice system where each assassin has 48hrs to assassinate Haru after giving their advance notice gives a feel somewhat similar to the trial system for Danganronpa, and like Danganronpa, students that fail in their task are removed from the school.
In a school where they can kill not only Haru, but any of the other assassins in the school, you get to see many different reasons for the girls to have joined the school, those who wish to fulfil the requirements so they can get what they desire as the prize, whereas others who want nothing but to kill another.

I felt this was a great series with some Yuri connotations on a couple of characters, however I felt the ending to be a little soft for the series overall harsh and dark theme. I feel that if you are looking for a good emotional series full of violence and insanity, this is probably a perfect series for you, however if you are just after Yuri, I would not recommend this series as the relationship is only barely implied throughout the series.

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