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Drama, SciFi, Romance
Anime (TV)


The world is in conflict, and Japan is under attack from a relentless enemy!

Shuji & Chise are two high school students who have just started dating. They make an odd couple. Shuji is tall and athletic, a former member of the track team. Chise is small for her age, and seems to be totally lacking in energy. The walk up the hill to school every morning seems to take all her strength. Despite this, Chise is determined to make their relationship a success.

Then they and some friends go on a shopping trip to Sapporo, and get caught in an air raid. Shuji sees some of the bombers being destroyed by a new type of weapon, which is very small and powerful. Despite its speed, the aircraft takes a hit, and appears to crash nearby. Shuji is astounded to see Chise emerge from the crash site, but not as a bystander. Chise is the military’s last hope, an advanced cyborg with enough firepower to destroy a city!

As the story progresses, Chise is used more often as the enemy attacks get even more desperate. Shuji’s feelings become stronger, but more confused. He realises that he is starting to fall in love with Chise the girl, but is repulsed by the changes the military surgeons have accomplished to make Chise the weapon. Until now, the war has been remote, and the students’ lives have been peaceful. As the war rages ever stronger, sacrifices have to be made, and lives are changed forever! What does the future hold for Chise and Shuji?


Appears to be very naïve for her age, almost as if she is in the wrong year group at school. Very clumsy. She has had a crush on Shuji for some time, and is pushed into confessing to him by her best friend.


He is at first a bit offhand about their relationship, and doesn’t seem to take it very seriously He is dismayed when Chise asks him to complete an exchange diary with her!

What did I think:

I loved this anime!

The story begins much like any other romance anime. Even after the revelation of Chise’s identity, the story line follows a fairly conventional path. However, things begin to change about a third of the way into the series. Things become much darker, and you begin to realise that this may not work out so conventionally after all. We learn something about Shuji’s past that explains his initial offhand nature. Chise appears to remain pretty much as a teenage girl, but her growth and development as a weapon is very rapid. There are changes for the other students at the school as well, as the war begins to intrude upon their previously peaceful lives. Things don’t look good for the young lovers.

The final 3-4 chapters are gripping. The shocks are piled up one on another. I found myself unable to stop watching. There are several situations that reduced me to tears, for many reasons. I found myself crying, off and on, for most of the last 3 chapters. The ending is literally apocalyptical!

The graphic style is quite striking, although the noses seem to have been a bit of a problem.

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