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Other Names:
Yuri, Romance, School
Anime (TV)

Intro: If you've been watching anime, I think you would have a certain hot spot for romance. Could this Yuri,school life anime rub the spot for you, leaving you with a fuzzy warmth? Welcome to the cutesy, yuri anime that is Sakura Trick.

Plot: The plot consist of focusing on Haruka and Yuu, on how their relationship grows as the show progresses. Along the side, Haruka and Yuu spend time with a group of friends they're with, going about their highschool life as it goes by.

Characters and the Voices:
Haruka Tatayama- She can be immensely jealous if Yuu is spending time with someone too much, she is also silly, but is somewhat shy with people she isn't friends with. Voiced by the talented Haruka Tomatsu who is also Morgiana from Magi,Asuna from SAO, Narukou Anjou from AnoHana and many many more.
Yuu Sonoda- A childish girl with a carefree spirit. She is known for having flower ornaments on her twin tail hair. She is voiced by Yuka Iguchi who is also Index from The Toaru series and Maho Misawa from Ro-Kyu-Bu!.
Noda Kotone: A girl who is kind, but like tease those who are close to her. She also gives nicknames to her friends as well. Voiced by a rookie voice actor Yuuka Aisaka (Her first role)
Shizuku Minami: A shy, quiet girl it seems, but can be hardworking when it comes to her friends. Voiced by Hiromi Igarashi who is known for Héntai roles, but you can look those up.
Ikeno Kaede: A observant girl who likes to play pranks on others. Voiced by Fuchigami Mai, who also voices Maekawa from Denpa Onna and Miho Nishizumi from Girls und Panzer
Yuzu Iizuka- She is that one friend that is just hangs out with the group. Voices by a rookie voice actor named Megumi Toda (Also her first role)

Music: The opening of the song is mediocre but it is dancy,catchy and a great start off for the show. The rest of the soundtrack is soothing, relaxing, and upbeat at times. Composed of Up-beat piano or peaceful piano playing, nice touches of guitar plucking, flowing flutes, sexy saxophone playing, or a drastic tone to dramatize the comedy. These aren't all the instruments or tones in the songs, but a quick overview in which they stand out to me the most.
Example Soundtracks: 1,3,8,13,18,26.
I overall adore the music in the show.

Artwork: The animation consist of uninteresting backgrounds and detailed characters overall.
The are certain scenes where the background becomes alive as sakura petals windsurf into the scenery, a brighter atmosphere is formed when an important kissing scene is showing, a few of these kind of scenes are shown, I believe. Most of the time, the artwork seems evenly distributed in quality, as well as other sceneries where character in the back seem derpingly drawn, as if a part of the background. Artwork is overall easy on the eyes and decent.

Enjoyment and Comments: The anime was, well, a good experience to see something fun and cute. The romance is there, but it is not serious for anyone who is expecting a tear jerker. The anime does feel dragged on and boring as the show progresses. Some scenes looked derpingly drawn, but to save sceneries that require more detail than other scenes. Aside from Yuu and Haruka being focused, I was bummed out that the other characters didnt develop as much as them nor did nothing much at all. However, I did enjoy the anime of its cuteness, comedy and moe-tastic kissing scenes.

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