Review: Rokka no Yuusha
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Other Names:
Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
Mystery, Fantasy, Action
Anime (TV)

Intro: Here we are at the start of the Fall Season, with the Summer ending. While there were a few gems that went unnoticed and a few disappointing shows. Here is an interesting take at the mystery genre with magic and fantasy elements, Rokka no Yuusha with fair notoriety.

Ever since the Demon God has attacked the earth, the Goddess of Faith drove the Demon God away. The Goddess then warns earth that the Demon God will rise again and there will be 6 selected Heroes called Braves that are given the blessing of the Goddess of Faith to defeat the Demon God every 100 years. As the 6 Braves gather, they discover that there are 7 Braves, suspecting one of them is an impostor.

Character and the Voices:
Adlet Mayer: One of the 6 Braves, he is cocky, crafty and surprisingly intelligent. Voiced by Saito Soma who is also Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill! and Twelve from Zankyou no Terror.
Fremy Speeddraw: She is a petite, quiet, white haired girl that is known to hunt potential Brave candidates, while ironically a Brave herself. She is the Saint of Gunpowder, being able to make ammo and explosives through materializing. Voiced by Yuuki Aoi who is also Tooru from A-Channel, Hana from Ben-To, and Victorique from Gosick.
Hans Humpty: An assassin who was trained by cats along with his speech patterns being catlike. Voiced by Suzumura Kenichi who is also Tsubaki from Brothers conflict, Lavi from D-Gray-man and Sougo from Gintama.
Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra: The Princess of Piena, she is beautiful along with bunny like areas. She is the Saint of Blades, creating and forming blades used as projectiles or forms as defense. Her character ranges from being innocent to batshit crazy. Voiced by Yoko Hikasa who is also Saeki from Aku no Hana, Ayano from Code Geass Movies, Rias from Highschool DxD, Houki from Infinite Stratos and Mio from K-On!
Chamo Rosso: The youngest of the Braves being only 14 years old, she is the Saint of the Swamp, being able to summon swamp monsters from her stomach through...vomiting. She is easily tempered and of course, childish. Voiced by Kakuma Ai who is also Isuzu from Amagi Brilliant Park and Ruuko from Selector Destructed Wixoss.
Goldof Auora: Head of the Black Thorn Knights from Piena and a talented knight, he is very loyal Nashetania, guarding her 24/7. Voiced by Uchiyama Kouki who also voices Seiya from Amagi Brilliant Park, Yuu from Charlotte, Ichika from Infinite Stratos and Soul from Soul Eater.
Mora Chester: The head honchos of Saints, she is the Saint of the Mountains, being able to increase her strength, resonate her voice to people far away, and healing. She is the oldest and almost like a mother figure. Voiced by Satou Rina who is also Ema from Brother’s Conflict, Naomi from Corpse Party, and Mikoto from The Toaru Kagaku/Majutsu series, displaying a wide range of characters more than this.

The opening of the show is pretty decent, with it's generic pop rock, nothing that makes me sit and listen to it every time though. They also switch the opening between two keeping things a bit more refreshing. The OST itself is directed by Oshima Michiru who has also done music for Fullmetal Alchemist(Not Brotherhood), Zestuen no Tempest, and Snow White with the Red Hair. The OST itself feels adventurous and intense when it needs to, then eerie and suspenseful to tense events. The music does what it needs do.

The animation was done by Studio Passione who is still fairly new, its recent works being Rail Wars. The animation was vast and fantastical in the first few episodes, later as the show progressed it became lazy and worse. Eventually it became dull to the eyes for me at times towards the end.

Final Comments:
The overall show was interesting yet at the same time disappointing. The wide range of characters in this fantasy mystery made me play the guessing game often, trying to figure it out making it more intriguing than I thought it would be. The Soundtrack is nice too, having great adventurous tracks and decent tracks to make things eerie/mysterious. Animation was bright and fluid until once you get into the last ¼’th quarter of the show where quality drops a bit. With the length of the show and wide cast of characters, I wished all of the characters were fleshed out a bit more in showing their history and background compared to others. Despite the show being mystery, it did a great job of setting up an epic fantasy anime setting with vibrant colors and an adventurous soundtrack, but the direction and transition to mystery was disappointing as that excitement died. If the show geared itself to be mystery by the second or third episode, the mystery tone would be more set and present. The show itself isn’t too bad, but isn’t amazing either with an interesting twist waiting at the end.

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